Marry Me Margret

Randall Wheatley

Welcome to Marry Me Margret, the oddest podcast of them all...How Odd?

Imagine Elmore Leonard and Tennessee Williams, sharing a sandwich at Stuckey's on Interstate 9. and just then, Mary Shelly and Hunter Thompson slide out a Nissan Sentra and sit down and under the table, David Lynch, eat ing a pecan nut log says, "you guys wanna make a podcast?" Something like that.

Created by Randall Wheatley and Matt Smith, “Marry Me Margret” tells the story of the aforementioned Margret, a beloved woman, who on a city street marries men broken and bereft and with a profound love restores their lives. That is, until she meets Don, a devout and dangerous man driven by forces he does not understand.

Surrealistic, shocking, and funny as hell, each episode, of “Marry Me Margret” is complete and compelling on its own, but together they create a world and tell a story like you’ve never felt before.

So put headphones on and assumptions aside and get ready for Marry Me Margret.

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