From the recording Marry Me Margret

Dental advice from an unlikely source.


Most heads are hideous if you look hard enough.
Five holes four with hair coming out sort of symmetrically arranged. Some better than others.
And the mouth in the middle of this one is Covergirl covered in crimson paste. And it always wants something but it never knows what.
And behind those sunken cheeks are teeth fast asleep that do not bite the many miscreants that abound and spectacular fail to protect this person I see only as an echo.
And my dental advice fetch a hammer from wherever and break your bicuspids out now. And it will hurt for a while but those mercury filled molars give no shit about you. They just ride low across slowly shrinking gums and let anyone or anything in.
And she’s shouting and she’s crying and she says she needs my help.

But I am tired of being the one beaten.
And I am sick of being the one sick.
And I never get the snow day or the firework display.
And it’s hard to watch her whimper and never look away.
But I will not go to jail while she dances in the mirror cafe.