1. Lyon

From the recording Everything Matters



Music by Pops Bayless

I look at the mirror. I look at the floor.
I see the bed where we once slept. Where we don’t sleep no more.
The panties on the dresser. Light through the French door.
You’re, out, about, you don’t come around no more.
You don’t answer my questions. You don’t even know the score.
You’re just having a dance with your pretty paramour.

The first time I saw you, you were sitting in your car.
You called me “Beefaroni “. You laughed at my bronze star.
We got drunk with all my buddies in a little Irish bar.
And you said, “Listen here soldier, I’m not gonna go that far”.
But your slip was on the mirror, in the back of your boudoir.
And all I can hear is your icy “au revoir”.

Well, I know I should feel angry. I know I should feel hurt.
And I know I should feel dirty, because you treated me like dirt.
But, I pick my khakis off the chair, button up my shirt.
And I see the nail by the door where you gently hung your skirt.
And all my senses come alive, sound a red alert.
And I finish off the wine and I go out for dessert.

Time goes by. Time stands still. Time remains the same.
And I met a girl from Arkansas but the passion’s kind of tame.
We’re getting married on a Tuesday and I know that I’m to blame.
She says she loves me, but it’s all about the shame.
And there’s a scar on my arm, where there used to be your name.
And, I can’t believe this is the man I became.