From the recording Everything Matters


The Emperor of Nothing

I’m so scared. I can see.
You are looking right through me.
The emperor of nothing stands without his clothes.

If this was a play. I could say.
Something witty to make you stay.
This show is closing out of town.

If you listen, One more time.
I will smile and say it’s all fine.
I will change. I will be sober.
Swear to God our life’s not over.
All I need is a little … hope

“You need money, for the cab. Here’s some quarters, I was savin’ for a bag.
Take the money. I don’t need it. This time my body had an honest feeling.
This whole thing’s gonna be mighty rough, but, I’ll think of you and I will hang tough.
All I need is a little … dope”.

Sitting in a bar. No place to go.
On a summer night like this, How can there be so much snow?
On my arms….
On my head…..
And in my soul.