From the recording Everything Matters


Betty Goes Shopping

Betty takes the gift card off the Wall-Mart counter, puts it back in her purse.
“There’s no money left”, says the balding cashier. Betty says, “It’s still got some worth”.
And, Betty’s on Taft Boulevard looks down at the Wall-Mart card. On the back is a scrawl
“Merry Christmas, Connie, all my love From Bobby”. That bastard’s got him some gall.
And Betty says, she can’t understand why he doesn’t want her no more.
“Why’s he got to be so mean, why can’t it be just like it was… like it was before”.

Windows open on the interstate. Hope and fast food pass her eyes.
Sometimes you get a chance to escape. And sometimes the fortune teller lies.

And Betty clips the mailbox as she drive up on the front lawn. Sits and cries for a spell.
She turns on the radio and Brenda Lee is sorry. Betty says, “Speak for yourself”.

Windows open on the Interstate. High beams banking off a curve.
Sometimes you get just what you need. And sometimes you get what you deserve.

And Bobby doesn’t understand why Betty’s got a pistol. And it’s touching his head.
And Bobby says, “You stupid cow, I’ll beat your goddamn ass in”. And that’s the last thing he said.
And Betty takes the gift card and a yellow “Sharpie”, writes a shaky little strand.
“Merry Christmas, Bobby, Brenda Lee is sorry. Puts the gun in his hand.

Windows open on the interstate. Snowflakes melting with the tears.
Suddenly everything is so sedate. The cold wind drying up the fear.