1. Runway Lights

From The Recordings Html


Runway Lights

Got to see that girl, fast as I can.
Got my belt, shoes in my hand.
They’re gonna pat me down. Mess my junk around.
Confiscate my heart. Kick it to the ground.

Got a “Cinnabon”- sweet as you.
Got a Maragite at Chile’s too.
I’m stuck in Denver, Honey. They lost my bags and money.
I’m sleepin’ by the counter at gate 22.

Oh the runway lights.
Twinklin’ in the foggy night.
Empty 80’s décor.
Janitor buffin’ on the floor.

Oh the runway lights.
Such a saddening sight.
Sunday “Times” for a bed.
Carry-on underneath my head.

Up at seven, number six in line.
I’ll be boarding, in ten minutes time.
There’s a change in gate. Eight more hours late.
A twelve dollar voucher to “Steak and Shake”.

“Oh baby, hear my plea.
I’m out on Concourse B.
Fire up the “Honda” and rescue me.
You say it’s gonna snow?
Nah… you don’t have to show.
I’ll just be the man, you used to know.
Hey, Hare Krishna, honey,
You wanna give it a go?”