From the recording Everything Matters


The Damages of My 6:20 Alarm

The pain, pleasure and the promise.
The right to reap the reward.
A second shot at the sunrise.
The chance to play a different chord.
The hopes of hearing harmony.
Busking on the boulevard.
Salvation is simplified underneath the feathers and the tar.

There’s madness in the making of the movie.
Trouble at the truck stop tonight.
A collision of contention and confusion.
An off-ramp in the pale moonlight.
The crash of the calliope.
Faces of the acolytes.
The jester smoking Chesterfields.
The savior with a switchblade knife

The harlequin of hurricanes is blowing.
The storm surge purging out my mind.
If I’d just been a little smarter.
I’d have rolled another number.
Gone to the end of the line.

The divorce of remorse is a pistol.
A coronet of rubies and regret.
A faded filigree of a figure.
A letter never posted.
The last dance of the majorettes.

It’s always a question of conditions.
We’re all at the mercy of the claw.
There’s a place somewhere in someone’s memory.
No matter what the butler saw.
A wink, a whisper,
A password for the sliding door.
An entrance to the ether.
Faces you’ve never seen before.