Wheatley crafts his words with fierce honesty and empathy. His tales are sad, funny, brutal and forgiving. Anyone familiar with his work in the theater knows this. By teaching himself to play, and setting these narratives to music, he’s made another ground-breaking move in a career already overflowing with them.      - Jeff McCord, music director, KUTX

the oddest podcast of them all "marry me margret" is now fully released and available on all the major streaming platforms as well as in the mmm tab of this website...enjoy

Hi, welcome to my website.  Thanks for dropping in.  I’ll tell you a little something about myself and what brought this record to be. 

I’ve always wanted to be a musician, but for whatever reason, I could never figure out how to do it.  I’ve listened intently to music all my life, starting in cold war Norway with my ear pressed to the very faint sounds of Radio Luxembourg. 

From then on the dream of being a musician was always with me.  But there was always something.  I could never focus enough to make the commitment.  So, instead I listened.  I listened to every genre, every style, every day. 

Eventually, I channeled my creativity into theater.  I became an actor, a director, a playwright, a producer, a theater professor.  And then a theater professor who was denied tenure and wanted to change his life. 

I moved back to Austin, TX and ran into an actor who I had worked with, during my earlier theater days.  He had made the big jump.  He now played in a successful band, as a musician/songwriter.  And he played the ukulele.  So in my fifth decade, I made the decision. 

I bought a ukulele and for eight years, I took lessons, practiced every day, and began to see how my writing could adapt to songs.  But the cool thing I found, was that after listening and loving music for so long, I really didn’t have a single style.  I had many styles.  The music that plays in my head spans decades, trends, movements, and memories. 

I hope you enjoy these songs.  If you do, please tell someone and if you don’t, well…crap…I don’t know… I was really hoping you’d like them… 

Randall Wheatley


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